UBS and the Art of Holding Seminars

So I actually spent two days at The Ultimate Business Seminar, since at the end of the day Chris Howard let us one-day pass holders know that we could attend the next two days free. (I have commitments at church on Sundays, so I didn't stay the third day. Bummer. I missed Joel Comm and Jay Abraham.)

FTB Updated Again

Following on to my previous post about Free Traffic Bar, after receiving an update notification today in the News component, I updated the toolbar. (I'm not sure why there are two similar commands for getting the latest version or why they're not simply using the extensions updater in Firefox, though.)

FTB Updated for Firefox 3

Free Trafic Bar was updated this past weekend, most importantly (for me) adding compatibility for Firefox 3. I had put off upgrading to FF3 until more extensions were updated; I bit the bullet this weekend before I found out about the FTB update and so far I have mixed feelings about Firefox 3. But this post is about FTB...

Ultimate Business Seminar 2008

Free ticket to Ultimate Business Seminar

Anyone planning on being at Chris Howard's Ultimate Business Seminar in LA next weekend? I'm going to be there on Friday and would like to meet up with y'all.

Take Action!

One of the great things about running help desk software is getting support tickets that serve as fodder for my blog posts. Tickets like this one are not common, but probably represent a number of buyers of Internet marketing products who haven't yet taken the steps necessary for success:

How Do You Build Your Site?

While completing an install of the $7 Secrets software for a client this last week (yes, part of it while I was on vacation), the question came up about how to create and/or edit web pages, particularly the templates that come with 7DSS.

Patriotic DMHO

Denver & the Mile High Orchestra was back in town tonight, this time performing at our church in a patriotic celebration. The turnout was very good, considering it was a mid-week production.

If my count was correct, DMHO performed 17 pieces, five of which were patriotic tunes like God Bless America and Battle Hymn of the Republic; they started out the evening with The Star-Spangled Banner. Four or five of the songs they had performed on The Next Great American Band and two of the remaining songs were new pieces for the band.

Cattle-Call Cruising

Since today's an "at sea" day, I thought I'd comment upon the vessel we're crusing on.

When I came on this cruise, it was with high expectations, as my only previous cruise was two years ago with Holland America. That cruise set the bar for all future cruises. I was also aware that I would likely find some things to complain about—and in that, at least, I wasn't disappointed.

Skagway Sled Dog Experience

We had plenty of time to explore our next port of call, Skagway. The ship docked at 7:00am and we didn't leave again until 9:00pm. We didn't actually leave the ship until 11:00am; a short walk took us "downtown," where Cara was able to hit all of her jewelry stops.

Alaska's Capital

It's interesting that someone, some time ago, decided to put Alaska's capital city in a spot that could not be reached but by air or by sea. I wanted to take some time to check out the Capitol building and the Governor's mansion, but, unfortunately, there just wasn't enough time to do that and my excursion.

North to Alaska

Today we're at sea, so there's not much to comment on. I was able to get Internet service, at $100 for 250 minutes. And cell phone service is available, too, roaming with Cingular/Wireless Maritime Services. So there's no need to leave technology behind!

Leaving the Emerald City

Seattle Skyline

Last night we met up with Cara's mom and dad after their three-day drive up the coast. (That must have been quite a trip—four adults and two children under the age of 5 packed in a van for three days.