PHP: a fractal of bad design

Eevee, on Fuzzy Notepad:

PHP is an embarrassment, a blight upon my craft. It’s so broken, but so lauded by every empowered amateur who’s yet to learn anything else, as to be maddening. It has paltry few redeeming qualities and I would prefer to forget it exists at all.

I'm not qualified to comment, except to agree with more than one of his points.

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Mike Wallace (1918-2012)

Mike Wallace will be remembered by me as the greatest reporter of my time.

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.Mac Mail Servers

Looks like the .Mac mail servers are going away: is no longer working for me as an incoming mail server. I've had an address since before it was the .Mac service, and I've steadfastly refused to use the address that came with the change to MobileMe.

Now that iCloud is the service de jour, Apple appears to be coaxing users into changing the settings for their longstanding accounts. If the service appears to be rejecting your password, try changing the incoming server to ( still seems to be working as an outgoing server.)

Ames Supply

Ames Supply
I’ve been doing business with Ames Supply of Lisle (formerly of Downer’s Grove), Illinois, for 20 years. No more. Unlike many decisions like this, it took only one lousy customer experience to bring me to this point—but it was a doozy.

(This actually took place some time ago, but I was reminded to write about it when I ordered additional tools from someone else yesterday.)

SMB and Mac OS X Lion

So I've got this Copystar CS-1820 MFP that I want to use to scan to a folder on my Mac network. I have two options: scan to FTP and scan to SMB. There are only two settings I need to worry about in the embedded Kyocera Command Center—Host Name and Path—so this shouldn't be to hard, right? Guess again.

Crash Plan

I nearly freaked out today when—among the plethora of icons already in my menu bar—a new menu extra appeared. After all, I hadn't restarted my machine and (I thought) I hadn't installed any new software.

Fortunately, the icon was familiar and—after checking to be sure—I found that CrashPlan had updated itself overnight and a new feature was this menu item for controlling and monitoring backups.

Who Says Your Vote Doesn't Count?

In our local runoff election for City Clerk, Cara and I changed our vote; instead of voting for the candidate we chose in the first election, we voted for the other—because the teachers' union was backing the former candidate. Preliminary results show that Gigi Hanna won by our two votes.

cPanel Password Syncing

While making some server  changes and resetting some passwords (making them more secure), I ran across an issue where I couldn't log into phpMyAdmin -- even though I was already logged into cPanel.

The Unclickable Flash Settings Dialog

Much as I despise Flash for its crushing memory requirements and its tendency to crash any system I have, I do need to have Flash Player installed to view videos at various times. Usually that’s not a problem, since I also use ClickToPlugin to manage when and if Flash is loaded.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Secret

Once in a while I'm asked by an affiliate of mine why he or she isn't making any sales of $7 Secrets. Nine times out of 10, that affiliate is missing the one thing I believe every affiliate needs, no matter what product they're promoting: a website.

If you want to be successful marketing products as an affiliate, you need to have your own website—and promote those products from your website.

Here are several reasons why using your own website for promotion is so important:

Personal recommendation

How do I find out about WSOs?

If you're looking for the latest WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) on the Warrior Forum, going to the forum itself is often frustrating. For some reason WSOs are the only board that cannot be sorted; even if it could be, there's no apparent way to sort by thread start date instead of date of last post (comment). As a result, the threads at the top of the list aren't necessarily the newest offers.

Beginning the Big Unsubscribe

What I'm doing today is the antithesis of list building; it's what every online marketer hates: I'm unsubscribing from dozens of lists.

When I buy something online, I usually sign up to the offered mailing list. Sometimes I want product updates, sometimes I want to hear about related news. Most often I want to see how other marketers promote, so I can learn what (or what not) to do.