Sprint Teams Up With Google Voice

Looks like an interesting new development, one which I'd use. However:

Neither service works for Sprint’s business customers...

And I pay for which increased level of service as a business customer? Dear Sprint: My current service agreement is up about the time the iPhone 5 (presumably) comes out. There are now two carriers with the iPhone. What are you going to do to keep this 10+ year customer on your network?

Wired: Sprint Teams Up With Google Voice

Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes

Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes
Every once in a while I need to look these up and forget where I got them:

California is a Place

Not sure how I came across this site, but the stories of life in California are interesting and the videos are very well done.

array_multisort() Requires Consistent Arrays

This should be obvious, but array_multisort() requires that your arrays be the same size. If not, your arrays will not be sorted. (PHP will emit a warning, but if those are suppressed…)

Mac App Store Update Issues

Apple, normally very meticulous in their hardware and software design, has failed their users in notifications of updates in the Mac App Store. Unlike the iOS App Store, users aren't notified of updates to installed apps until the App Store is launched. Bad enough. At that point, the App Store's Dock icon shows the number of pending updates.

They Were There

Fascinating look at IBM's contribution to our world:

IBM Centennial Film: They Were There - People who changed the way the world works

Lose Subscribers Fast

I'm a big fan of Rosa Maria's Drive-In. Great burritos (the CVC is da bomb!) with homemade tortillas within walking distance. And I get a free burrito on my birthday! But the email message I received from them today is fodder for a blog post:

iBooks Lost the Sale

Fanboy that I am, I still level the occasional criticism against Apple when I feel that it’s warranted. For example, I recently noticed that not only is it not possible to gift books (those that you’d read in iBooks on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), it’s not even possible to search for, preview, or purchase books in iTunes.

You can get a link to a book by using the Tell A Friend feature in iBooks, but attempting to use that link on anything but an iDevice will — when iTunes is launched — result in a message that the book is not available in the iTunes store.

Dressing Up Your Directory Listings

Ran across an Apache feature by accident today. I had uploaded some files to a (Linux) server and browsed to that directory. Since there was no directory index (index.php, index.html, etc.) the browser showed a directory listing. Oddly, though, below the listing were the contents of the README.html in that directory:

Directory Listing

Password Reuse

Password Reuse

The sad thing is that there's an easy way to fix this.

Agile Web Solutions: xkcd Hits Nail on Head

The Emperor's New Antenna

Every recent consumer electronics product from Apple—definitely the iPad, but all iterations of the iPhone including the initial one—has been greeted with rounds of articles crowing about what an arrogant, foolhardy mistake it is and how this will finally, finally, be the moment the emperor is revealed to have no clothes. And ultimately this is what's so infuriating about Apple: that's not what happens. Ever.

I can't think of any Apple product I've been disappointed with.

Would You Pay for Blog Content?

Dmitry thinks paying a set fee to read all the blogs in a network is a good idea. I’m all for paying good authors for content I find interesting, but this would be much like buying a cable TV package—paying for a bunch of crap stuff that doesn’t interest me as well. How about a blog network where the reader chooses a selection of blogs and pays only for those, with a set minimum price.