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Apple's Podcasts App - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Back in 2004 I began listening to podcasts rather than my daily fare of talk radio and I’ve never looked back. I’ve listened to the episodes on a variety of devices, but since beginning to use the iPod touch in 2008 I’ve been satisfied with the Music app as the player software.

My New (Free) iPad

A week ago Saturday, while we were visiting my wife’s parents, my sister-in-law was saying how it would really be nice if she had an iPad to help her keep track of her life. Her husband already has one, which he received from his employer for (I believe) winning a sales contest, and my nephew uses another provided by the school district.

Push Notifications for Line2 Voicemail

Line 2
My transition to Line2 for my business phone service has largely been successful. However, there are a few annoyances, particularly with the Line2 app itself—the biggest one of which is that I’m not notified of new voicemail messages in any meaningful way.

Secondary Google Calendars in Daylite

Secondary Google Calendars in Daylite
Daylite 4 allows you to subscribe to external calendars like Google Calendar (although only as read-only), but it only shows the primary calendar for the account. While in iCal you can go to the Delegation tab for the Google account and check off which calendars to show, in Daylite you won’t get those secondary calendars.

iOS 6

I jumped on iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S as soon as I could and I wanted to jot down some observations I’d not seen anywhere else:

App Store

We knew a visual overhaul of the App Store was coming and it really looks nice. I don’t like that I have to tap on each update to see what’s new, though. In iOS 5 and previous, several lines of update info were available without tapping.

Updating your apps doesn’t immediately dump you out of the App Store. Yay!

Update: Apps new to your device have a “New” banner until you launch them.

Reports for Daylite

Are the built-in reports for Daylite 4 not enough? See if any of these meet your needs (instructions for installing reports can be found below):

Opportunity Snapshot

This is a lightly-modified adaptation of the built-in Project Snapshot.

Installing Reports

Reports in Daylite 4 are either available to all users or individual users. For all users, the report is stored on the server and is imported in this manner:

  1. Select Daylite > Preferences > Report Templates

Uninstalling Daylite 4

If you find it necessary to uninstall Daylite 4, either a single component or the whole shebang, you may find these instructions useful:

Daylite Server

Be sure to sync all iOS and Mac clients first. Next, launch Daylite Server Admin, authenticate (if necessary), and turn off the Server. This stops all background processes. You may wish to backup your database(s) before continuing. Then quit Daylite Server Admin and drag this file to the trash:

/Applications/Daylite Server Admin

Forwarding Messages in Mail Using Rules

If you’re using Mail’s rules to forward a message and can’t figure out why the message isn’t being sent, check the number of addresses you’re forwarding to. On OS X 10.7.4, at least, it seems that Mail doesn’t like more than one address and will generate an error to that effect in Console:

8/20/2012 2:01:57.336 PM Mail: exception raised in routeMessages: -[IMAPMessageWithCache libraryID]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fb423801ca0

Use a separate rule for each address.

DEVONthink Personal, Pro adds scan feature

If you've put off purchasing DEVONthink, DEVONtechnologies' excellent information manager, because the Personal ($50) and Pro ($80) editions don't offer scan features and Pro Office is just too darned expensive ($150), well, now's the time to buy.

Setting up CalDAV and CardDAV with Daylite

Setting up CalDAV and CardDAV with Daylite
Update: Daylite 4.1 doesn’t appear to work at all with secure connections (SSL) on port 6185. The instructions have been updated to use the non-SSL port 6188 and assume you’re using Daylite 4.1 and iOS 6.

To sync contacts and events to iCal, Address Book and iOS devices, Daylite 4 now uses CalDAV and CardDAV. Syncing to local accounts is no longer supported, since Apple is moving away from Sync Services.