Apple Enthusiast

Yes, I'm a fan boy. But there's a reason.

1Password, LaunchBar and Image Smoothing

What do those three things have in common? A default keyboard shorcut that -- when activated -- will have you scratching your head and wondering where to look for the culprit.

.Mac Mail Servers

Looks like the .Mac mail servers are going away: is no longer working for me as an incoming mail server. I've had an address since before it was the .Mac service, and I've steadfastly refused to use the address that came with the change to MobileMe.

Now that iCloud is the service de jour, Apple appears to be coaxing users into changing the settings for their longstanding accounts. If the service appears to be rejecting your password, try changing the incoming server to ( still seems to be working as an outgoing server.)

SMB and Mac OS X Lion

So I've got this Copystar CS-1820 MFP that I want to use to scan to a folder on my Mac network. I have two options: scan to FTP and scan to SMB. There are only two settings I need to worry about in the embedded Kyocera Command Center—Host Name and Path—so this shouldn't be to hard, right? Guess again.

Choosing a Personal Finance App (Part Two)

In August 2009, I abandoned my search for a personal finance app to replace Quicken, but have taken it up once again. With Quicken now unsupported on Lion—because Lion won’t run PowerPC apps and Quicken still hasn’t been updated for Intel Macs—it’s time to look again for something to take its place.

Looking back at the apps I’d started with two years ago, I found some immediate reasons to eliminate a few...

Those Darn Finder Windows

The Finder has an Always open folders in a new window preference that, as the option suggests, ensures that opening a folder spawns a new window. You might think that disabling this setting would ensure that all folders are opened in the parent window; that is, alas, not the case.

(I'm posting this mostly because the following behavior bites me once in a while and by writing it down I'm more likely to remember the reason.)

iOS Syncs in Background

I hadn't noticed this before, nor had I seen it mentioned anywhere else, but it appears that syncing your iOS device no longer prevents you from using it while the sync is happening.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Many others will say it better than I, but I will miss Steve Jobs. Not because I knew him, but because of his influence on the products I've used daily since 1981.

He inspired people to give their best. The people who worked for him at Apple created the Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac OS X, and more—each arguably the best product in its category. He pushed them (perhaps mercilessly) to pursue excellence and—as seen in his presentations—he gave credit where credit was due.

Apple Holding More Cash Than U.S. Federal Government

Astounding factoid from the BBC:

Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that the country has an operating cash balance of $73.7bn (£45.3bn). Apple's most recent financial results put its reserves at $76.4bn.

Apple holding more cash than USA

Mac App Store Update Issues

Apple, normally very meticulous in their hardware and software design, has failed their users in notifications of updates in the Mac App Store. Unlike the iOS App Store, users aren't notified of updates to installed apps until the App Store is launched. Bad enough. At that point, the App Store's Dock icon shows the number of pending updates.

iBooks Lost the Sale

Fanboy that I am, I still level the occasional criticism against Apple when I feel that it’s warranted. For example, I recently noticed that not only is it not possible to gift books (those that you’d read in iBooks on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), it’s not even possible to search for, preview, or purchase books in iTunes.

You can get a link to a book by using the Tell A Friend feature in iBooks, but attempting to use that link on anything but an iDevice will — when iTunes is launched — result in a message that the book is not available in the iTunes store.