Apple Enthusiast

Yes, I'm a fan boy. But there's a reason.

The Emperor's New Antenna

Every recent consumer electronics product from Apple—definitely the iPad, but all iterations of the iPhone including the initial one—has been greeted with rounds of articles crowing about what an arrogant, foolhardy mistake it is and how this will finally, finally, be the moment the emperor is revealed to have no clothes. And ultimately this is what's so infuriating about Apple: that's not what happens. Ever.

I can't think of any Apple product I've been disappointed with.

Signing PDFs

When people talk about signing PDFs, they can mean two things: attaching a digital signature to the file or placing a graphic representation of their signature on the document. Often what people really want to do is the latter.

Econ 101: Should Be Required For Journalists

The demand for the Apple (AAPL) iPad may be like the iPhone and iPod...Apple may have to quickly cut prices the way that it did with the iPhone to keep consumer interest in the iPad high.

Apparently the law of supply and demand is lost on this guy.

Douglas A. McIntyre: Demand For Apple iPad May Be Higher Than Expected

Early iPad delivery?

Apple iPadDon't know if it means they're shipping, but I was charged for my iPad 3G today. Apple's site still shows a late April delivery date. It won't be too soon for me!

[Update 3/27/2010: False alarm—they must have just been checking the credit card. The authorization expired.]

[Update 4/29/2010: Now it's coming—I just received a shipping notification!]

2Do for iPhone

2Do for iPhoneJust picked up 2Do for my iPod Touch; this was a close race between 2Do and Todo, but in the end the latter won because of its slick interface.

Stupid Journalist Question of the Day

Apple keeps pushing back the launch date [of the Apple tablet]—what does this tell us?

Excuse me, but Apple hasn’t announced a tablet, let alone a launch date for one.

Choosing a Personal Finance App

I decided this week to get my older PowerMac G4 computer ready for my wife, to replace her even older PowerMac G3 desktop. Part of that involved installing Mac OS 10.5, which would move her from a Panther system to Leopard.

That meant I needed to find replacement for Quicken 2000, which we'd been running under Classic. Leopard doesn't support Classic, so I'd either need to upgrade to Quicken 2007 or find another personal finance app.


After reading a Macworld column today, I rushed to the App Store to download a copy of RemoteTap for my iPod Touch. This app is very useful; essentially, it's a VPN client for your iPhone/iPod Touch that, with a companion preference pane on your Mac, makes it possible to remotely log in to your Mac, viewing and controlling it from a distance.

Four Twitter Clients for the iPod touch

Did I mention I got an iPod touch for Christmas? Actually, I got an Apple gift card and I hustled down to the the Apple Store the next day to spend it all.