My #1 Affiliate Marketing Secret

Once in a while I'm asked by an affiliate of mine why he or she isn't making any sales of $7 Secrets. Nine times out of 10, that affiliate is missing the one thing I believe every affiliate needs, no matter what product they're promoting: a website.

If you want to be successful marketing products as an affiliate, you need to have your own website—and promote those products from your website.

Here are several reasons why using your own website for promotion is so important:

Personal recommendation

You might be tempted to call it a review, but a personal recommendation is much more powerful than a review. Your experience with the product can often sell the prospect on it much better than the sales copy itself. (Even your negative comments—for an otherwise good product—can increase the honesty of the recommendation in the reader's mind.)

And with your own site, your recommendation can be as lengthy as you like.

You're the expert

Your recommendations and experience, all in one place, gives you credibility that your prospects don't otherwise see in a single advertisement in some other medium. Add your picture and other information about yourself and your readers will become comfortable with you and see you as a person—a person that appears to know what he is talking about.

Just don't make your site all about promotions (or advertisements). Give your visitors some real meat, in the form of information they can use right now.

List signups

Why not? You're the expert! People trust you, and they'll want to know when you have something important to say. Whether they actually sign up to your list, subscribe to your feed, follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook—in one way or another they'll look for more personal recommendations from you.

Of course, you'll need to have that autoresponder/Twitter account/Facebook account/whatever for them to get on your "list," so get that set up, too.

Search engines

Google, Bing and the other search engines don't index your email messages. They don't care about safelists, traffic exchanges, or classified ads sites. Search engines want relevant web site content. And quality content, from authoritative sites, ranks higher than crappy content from John Doe.

Remember, there's a whole big world out there that isn't seeing your ads, no matter where you place them. Get 'em on your site and let Google do some work for you.

Avoid spam filters

Popular products will be spammed. Spammed products will have their websites blacklisted. If you use email to promote those products and you use an affiliate link for those sites in the email message, your message will likely never be seen by the intended recipient.

Instead, direct recipients to your site and use the affiliate link there. You'll also avoid having your own email address blacklisted as a result of promoting a blacklisted site.

Avoid frame breakers

I'm not a big fan of traffic exchanges and their ilk, but many products are promoted on pages with code that breaks them out of frames. Since traffic exchanges don't allow such pages, you'll not be able to promote those products directly.

If you must use such methods, promote those products from your own site and you won't violate the provider's terms of service.


Want to see how it's done? One of the best affiliate promotions for $7 Secrets I've seen was written by John Fox some years ago. What makes it stand out for me is that he

  • Wrote for his audience (it was written from a perspective that would interest them)
  • Made it conversational (easy to read, draws the reader in)
  • Pointed out a negative (something he didn't like)
  • Engaged his audience (see the comments)

And he put the promotion on his own site! He linked to it in a Twitter post and an autoresponder message (perhaps other mediums as well) and he immediately saw sales. Not only that, but the blog post continues to make John money today.

Setting up a website is neither hard nor expensive. One of my hosts is Host Gator; I like them because they're inexpensive and their support team is responsive, but there are many other such hosts out there.

Step up your affiliate marketing efforts and get your website going today!