My Step-by-Step Process to $3000 in Two Weeks

[This article originally appeared on The Warrior Forum. -- Don]

Hi fellow Warriors,

I was going to write a mini report on this, and sell it as a WSO, but decided, rather, to give it back to this community.

You see, I have been a member of this great community since 1997, back when we still paid to belong here. I know my post count does not directly reflect that, but I generally like to fly under the radar.

My strategy I am about to share is not fool proof and is not guaranteed to work in any way. I do it, and it works great for me. I make a ton of cash from it and hopefully you will, too!

So, here goes...

  1. I sift through all the tons of offers coming in on WSO. I look for PLR products that include a sales page. I take my time to read every offer carefully, and also read the sales page in detail.
  2. I pick and buy a product, or, sometimes, multiple products.
  3. I grab a domain name that works for the main product I intend selling.
  4. I first edit the sales page. I change names, graphics, grammar, spelling, add some more of my own copy, and add some bonuses.
  5. I create the one-time offer, which in most cases is more PLR material.
  6. Now I edit the actual PLR material. I take my time and read every single word, again replacing names, links, emails, etc. I pay special attention to headers and footers in documents. I change the properties of the document to indicate I am the author, etc. (Very important!) I change the name of the product! So many people don't even bother to do this.
  7. I create, or have created, graphics for all the products, as well as the site.
  8. I upload everything to the site, setup payment and download, etc.
  9. I setup an autoresponder and some messages.
  10. I get a friend to do a test buy of the main product as well as the OTO. I make sure payment works, user gets added to the AR, and that they can download everything they paid for.
  11. I mail my small, but very targeted list, and offer them the product, at a discount. Not much, normally around 10% to 20%. I do this to get testimonials and to get conversion rates.
  12. I take the data I now have on conversion rates and approach other marketers to see if they will promote the product to their list.
  13. I start posting on relevant forums, with quality content, with a link to the product in my sig file.
  14. I write articles and submit to article sites. Again, the author bio box has link back.
  15. I search for relevant blogs and make quality comments on posts, with a link to my site.
  16. I take 2 days off and start the whole process over again!

This is not only for PLR books, but anything PLR, including software and videos!

It is a fair amount of work, but think about it this way: I put in around a week's worth of work and average around $3K for that work. How many people earn $12k a month in their day job? Also remember, sales don't stop on those sites—I just stop working on them!

I hope this gives someone the kick up the backside to go make some money!