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Google+ Spam

Alex Albert is a spammer. I bought one product from him in 2007 and I've since unsubscribed from every list he's added me to. He keeps adding me to new lists and now he's added me to a circle (I presume) in Google+. And I'm getting his updates.

The problem is that I can't just unsubscribe from his spam updates. No, when I click on the unsubscribe link, the only options I have are to unsubscribe my address from all Google+ notifications or not. Seems like overkill.

In Business to Make Money

A forum member recently posted:

Instead of charging  $7 for a recording , wouldn't it be better to do a upsell with another product eg a  plr you have on your hard disk. That will be so enriching and show you are over delivering. Just my personal opinion.

Lose Subscribers Fast

I'm a big fan of Rosa Maria's Drive-In. Great burritos (the CVC is da bomb!) with homemade tortillas within walking distance. And I get a free burrito on my birthday! But the email message I received from them today is fodder for a blog post:

Would You Pay for Blog Content?

Dmitry thinks paying a set fee to read all the blogs in a network is a good idea. I’m all for paying good authors for content I find interesting, but this would be much like buying a cable TV package—paying for a bunch of crap stuff that doesn’t interest me as well. How about a blog network where the reader chooses a selection of blogs and pays only for those, with a set minimum price.

Ads are content

The ads you allow on your site are part of your brand.

Internet marketers, are you listening to this? What's on your site?™

Better than Frank Kern?

You have two snippets of text to work with: your name and your subject line. Personally, I believe the most valuable of the two is your name.

Amidst today's onslaught of email messages promoting the latest "big thing" by a "guru", here's a refreshing article about getting your own email messages opened. It doesn't cost a dime.

Ryan Healy (via Markus Allen): 7 Tips to Get Your Email Opened

Foiled Again!

Occasionally a sale for $7 Secrets will come through where the buyer attempted to change the price (usually $0.01); fortunately $7 Secrets Scripts has fraud protection and will prevent the download when the amount received is less than the price set by the merchant. I usually just add the buyer to The $7 Blacklist and let it go at that.

No One Wants Affiliates Like This

A support request earlier this month started out amiably enough, with an affiliate asking "I was wondering how long it take for me to see payments to my paypal for my sales? I know I have made sales already, I was in person watching the book getting purchased."

Of course I was concerned, since payments on referrals of $7 Secrets are paid immediately and directly to the affiliate's PayPal account, so I asked the affiliate (let's call him "Jeff") to tell me who made the purchase and I'd look into it.

Ever Profits Toolbar

When a subscriber (I'll call him Dan) told me the other day that he was requesting a refund for his purchase of Answer Analyst, a product from Jon Leger that I promote, because it was inferior to a free product he was using, I was intrigued. After all, even I like the best product at the best price.

Dan recommended the Ever Profits Toolbar; what follows is my response to him after I reviewed the software:

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

It's little wonder that Internet Marketing has a bad name, when marketers—big name and otherwise—pull the stunts they do. Today I'm ticked off by those that either pay their affiliates late... or not at all.