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Riding A Carousel

I had an idea for a client’s site this week, where a series of images would scroll across, fade in and out, and link to another page. I’d seen carousels like this before, but I figured there was a non-Flash solution somewhere that would accomplish the task.

window.parent vs. window opener

I was banging my head against the wall last night trying to get window.parent.location to work and it turns out that window.opener.location is what I wanted to use. Getting to that point was quite a struggle, because searching Google for “window.parent.location” didn’t give me sources with its full description.

How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID

This is pretty easy. Look at the location in your address bar when you’re on your Facebook profile page: the number after “id=” is your profile (user) ID.

That wouldn’t by itself rate a blog post, but I was trying yesterday to find my profile ID and was having some difficulty because I have a username and the profile ID no longer shows.

Google found me a number of “solutions” that involved going to your photo albums, picking out a photo, and parsing the address of the photo. What a pain!

Luckily there’s an easier way:

Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes

Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes
Every once in a while I need to look these up and forget where I got them:

array_multisort() Requires Consistent Arrays

This should be obvious, but array_multisort() requires that your arrays be the same size. If not, your arrays will not be sorted. (PHP will emit a warning, but if those are suppressed…)

Dressing Up Your Directory Listings

Ran across an Apache feature by accident today. I had uploaded some files to a (Linux) server and browsed to that directory. Since there was no directory index (index.php, index.html, etc.) the browser showed a directory listing. Oddly, though, below the listing were the contents of the README.html in that directory:

Directory Listing

Another Take on the Recession

Over last couple of weeks I've come to the conclusion that the economy can't possibly be as bad as the news would have us believe. Sure, there are industries and occupations that aren't doing as well as they once were, but there are obviously others that must be doing very well.

This month I needed to hire developers for two projects I'm working on. Project A is pretty specialized, so I contacted a half-dozen developers whose work has impressed me in the past. Of those six, three didn't bother to respond—for a job that could earn them five figures.

Fix Your Broken WordPress Plugins

My friends over at MaxBlogPress, the creators of the Ninja Affiliate Plugin (which I highly recommend), have launched a new service that that blows my mind: if you have a WordPress plugin that no longer works because WP has been upgraded, they will fix it—for free!

How Do You Build Your Site?

While completing an install of the $7 Secrets software for a client this last week (yes, part of it while I was on vacation), the question came up about how to create and/or edit web pages, particularly the templates that come with 7DSS.

What's Your Privacy Policy?

Last year I raised funds for a national organization that helps premature babies and their families. Online fundraising is becoming more popular and this organization allows you to create an online profile; accept pledges and donations; check your fundraising goal; and print pledge forms.