Family Man

Husband and father, there is no greater calling.

The Geek Tour

I admit it: I'm a home-body. I don't much like to go out, much less travel. Much of that's probably because I dislike being away from my computer and an Internet connection, but it's also because I don't want to miss my responsibilities at church.

But my beautiful wife likes to leave town once in a while and she's really good at coming up with ways to entice me to do her bidding. For our honeymoon we took a Meixco cruise, but not just any cruise: it was a Geek Cuise, with all sorts of classes while we were out to sea.

The City by the Bay

Cara and I are in San Francisco, celebrating our second anniversay. We're staying in what used to be the Hotel Juliana, originally built in 1908, on the Nob Hill side of Union Square. This European-style hotel was reportedly a favorite of actress Ingrid Bergman.

O Tannenbaum

Today Cara and I put up our Christmas tree. Although traditionally our extended family puts up Christmas decorations the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, we usually get our tree the following week. (Cara's mother and dad and sister and brother-in-law put up fake trees; I refuse to go along with that tradition.)

California Burning

It’s funny how people outside of California think that the whole of our state is burning, although I suppose it’s not unusual when the TV news channels are covering the fires 24/7.

Several relatives have asked me where we are in relation to the fires; I’ve created this Google Map to show the area: