I'm a woodwind player who dabbles in percussion.

The Night Before Christmas (arr. J. Daniel Smith)

A big shout out to J. Daniel Smith, who arranged The Night Before Christmas, a musical performed at our church tonight. I had a great deal of fun playing the oboe; Daniel scored that part beautifully! I've been enjoying his arranging for better than 20 years. Joel Lindsey, one of the writers of the musical, was in attendance and I don't think we let him down.

Sesame Street Glee Parody

This was just too funny!

Patriotic DMHO

Denver & the Mile High Orchestra was back in town tonight, this time performing at our church in a patriotic celebration. The turnout was very good, considering it was a mid-week production.

If my count was correct, DMHO performed 17 pieces, five of which were patriotic tunes like God Bless America and Battle Hymn of the Republic; they started out the evening with The Star-Spangled Banner. Four or five of the songs they had performed on The Next Great American Band and two of the remaining songs were new pieces for the band.

Eric and the Mile High Orchestra

Eric on-stage with DMHO Oh, this was fun! My best friend, Eric, played bass trombone with DMHO tonight at a concert they gave in Loma Linda. That's him on the far left; Denver's on the far right (I got to meet him!). Kenn Hughes, third from the left, called Eric and invited him to play when he realized the band would be in the area.

DMHO, as you may recall, took third place in Fox's The Next Great American Band last fall.

Counting My Lucky Stars Tonight

I used to listen to country music back in the '70s, until I switched to Top 40 in the '80s. So I guess it's not that unusual that I'd be drawn in by not one, but two songs of that genre I heard on Cold Case tonight.

The Next Great American Band

A friend of a friend of mine plays with Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, the big band who made the cut as a semi-finalist on Fox's The Next Great American Band. Watch the show with me on Fridays and vote for them!