2011 Site Update

It's been a while (2007) since I made any major changes to the site, but—as you can see—the site looks a lot different now. The design is a custom theme that I'm sorry I purchased; first, because the theme wasn't as polished as it initially appeared to be and, second, because it's not compatible with Drupal 7 and would require a serious amount of rework to make it so. I'll likely start over with something like Omega and create a similar look.

I've removed the ability for users to register and existing users have been deleted. Although there were some benefits to user registration for the user, from my point of view there's no longer a need for it.

Email notifications of new content, which previously were available only to registered users, are available to all through Feedburner. That's the low-tech method, though. RSS is still available and now I'll be posting updates through Twitter as well. See the footer of each page for ways to connect with me.

Registered users used to be able to comment without moderation. The standard Drupal commenting system has been replaced with Facebook comments, so now all can comment without moderation (although you will need to log into—and identify yourself through—Facebook.) This may be only temporary, since I'm not sure how I'll be aware of new comments (I could use FB.Event.subscribe, I suppose) or how I can prevent inappropriate comments.

Giveaway of the Day, another feature for registered users, is gone for now. I'm giving some thought to implementing this through Facebook Like.

Yes, Facebook is much more integrated into the site. There's also a Like button for each post and article; each of those also has a Tweet button. I'm keeping sharing methods to a minimum deliberately.

I'm particularly proud of the pictures on the home page and the accordion effect. I still have some more work to do in that area. Actually, I'll continue to tweak the whole site regularly to make it fit my ideas.

Now if I could only put more content up...