2Do for iPhone

2Do for iPhoneJust picked up 2Do for my iPod Touch; this was a close race between 2Do and Todo, but in the end the latter won because of its slick interface.

Apple's fallen down in syncing to-dos to the iPhone, so there are a number of apps that have taken up the slack. I looked for apps with a desktop companion to sychronize iCal tasks instead of an intermediary website. I also wanted something with push notifications. 2Do has both.

Even though this is a 1.0 app, 2Do really shines, and version 1.1 is (depending on the App store reviewers) just around the corner -- with repeating tasks being a must-have feature for me.  Reasonably priced right now at $4.95, 2Do might just be a must-have app for you, too.