3 Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

Good morning! Well, it's morning here in Southern California. :-)

Fall has finally come, nearly a month late, and we're enjoying the cooler temperatures that come with the change of the season. Fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the cool (but not cold) weather, but also because of the change of color in the foliage. The trees (at least some of them) change from greens to reds and oranges and golds, as if to alert us that the holidays are coming.

Of course, anybody that's walked into a retail store over the last month couldn't miss the Christmas decorations that were already up. Christmas in September!? It does seem to work, though. My wife and I have already bought our Christmas cards!

So, have you—an Internet retailer—dressed up your shop for the holidays? Is your website attracting buyers who are accustomed to pulling out their wallets just because it's "that time of the year"?

If not, then it's time to take a look at my 2007 Holiday Minisites templates, complete with headers, footers, backgrounds, e-covers, buttons, and more.

Use them as is or edit them as you like to fit your offer. You can't go wrong, unless you miss out on this holiday season.

While you're making those final tweaks to your storefront, don't forget the back office. Version 2.7.3 of the $7 Secrets scripts is out, with a couple important bug fixes. You can download the software from the link on page 27 of the report. Don't have $7 Secrets yet? Get it here!

BTW, yesterday I told you about "Cash Copy Generator", software that quickly—I mean, quickly—creates profit-pulling sales letters optimized for your $7 Secrets scripts installation. I finagled a 25% reduction in the introductory price for my subscribers, but only for a limited time. We're now under the 48 hour mark, so don't delay.

Happy Halloween!