7DollarSecrets.com down for maintenance

Last weekend the hard drive hosting 7dollarsecrets.com decided to start giving problems, so a backup drive and a replacement drive were scheduled to be installed.

I didn't find out in time to let you know that the work was being done yesterday and the site would be down for a couple hours. And I figured that by the time I got back to the office and sent you a message the site would be up anyway.

At least, that was the plan.

Then Murphy stepped in.

The new hard drive didn't work properly. Replacing it didn't go as planned. And we're still not up yet.

Never fear, though! The techs are busy installing yet another drive and some additional hardware to keep this from happening in the future.

At the moment the outage affects both 7dollarsecrets.com and 7dollarforum.com, but both sites are backed up and no data should be lost. We're just waiting for the new equipment to settle in so the data can be restored.

Thanks for your understanding.

[UPDATE 1/18, 17:50] 7dollarsecrets.com is up! 7dollarforum.com is still down. Both domains were moved to a new server while the file system check continues to drag on on the old server. Until that's done the files can't be restored for 7DF (it's not DB-driven—yet another strike against YaBB), but 7DS was restored from a fortuitous backup.

[UPDATE 1/22, 06:55] We're waiting on a domain transfer and DNS update to complete, then 7dollarforum.com should be up and running.

[UPDATE 1/22, 08:46] The DNS pixies have done their work and the forum is back up with nary a message lost.