A TicketDesk Pro-to-Maian Support Converter

A TicketDesk Pro-to-Maian Support Converter

Last year I upgraded the support ticket system for one of my sites, from TicketDesk Pro to Maian Support. As part of that process I had to write a converter for the data so I could retain my ticket history in one place.

This week I took the time to begin the upgrade of another TDP installation; however, Maian Support’s database schema has changed in the meantime and I had to revise the converter to conform to the new schema. While doing this I also finally dove head first into learning Git and I’ve created a repo for the converter on GitHub.

If you choose to use the converter on your own installations of TDP and MS, be sure to pay attention to the README and backup your data. At the moment there is no conversion of users or departments and you will need to map those and priority levels by modifying the code.

By the way, there are a number of new features in MS 2.2, several of which were important to me:

  • Assign tickets to support team members
  • Admin messages to specific support team members, rather than all
  • Custom fields can now be set differently per department

Maian Support is available free (some limits, no email digests of open tickets) or paid; I highly recommend this self-hosted support ticket software and I’m available if you don’t want to get bogged down with installation or conversion of your data.