App of the Week

Sequel Pro

While working on my converter for Maian Support this week, I was working with MySQL databases quite a bit. If I had to use phpMyAdmin to manipulate databases the job would have taken much longer; fortunately there are apps that can work remotely with MySQL (and other) databases and speed up the process over a web app.

For about 6 years I’ve used Navicat for MySQL, which for some time was the only db admin tool (I believe) for OS X. It was well worth the $129 price at that time (although I paid only $60 through a MacUpdate promotion), but its price has crept to $249 since then.

I can’t recall what made me dissatisfied with Navicat (other than that there’s no upgrade path to the latest version), but for the last several months I’ve been using Sequel Pro [Website, Free (donation requested)], which has finally gotten a 1.0 release.

Now, I’m nowhere near being a database professional, but I’m finding Sequel Pro meets my needs just as well as Navicat. I can quickly search databases and update information; import and export data as necessary; and examine and modify database structures–all much quicker than using phpMyAdmin. There are a number of other features, of course, but those are the ones I use most often and you likely will, too.

If you ever use phpMyAdmin or some other web interface to deal with your MySQL databases, give Sequel Pro a try. I’m sure you’ll find it more convenient; if you do, please donate to the project.