Apple TV's Special Event Channel

Apple’s special events usually aren’t live-streamed but, even so, I didn’t have the luxury of watching today’s event when it happened. And as I watched the event later in the day, I was annoyed — as I have been by the last few webcasts that I watched after the fact — that I couldn’t pause the stream to answer the phone or just take a break. I ended up closing the window a couple times when I needed to step away from the computer and couldn’t finish watching the ‘cast.

I was informed by several blogs, though, that the event was available in a new channel on my Apple TV. “Apple Events” lists seven announcements from the last year, from WWDC 2011 to today’s “We’ve got a little more to show you” iPad mini reveal.

More importantly, Apple TV gives the viewer the opportunity to pause, rewind, and fast-forward the video — and do so from the comfort of the couch instead of a chair at a desk.

Update: An Apple Keynotes podcast with the same announcements is available in the iTunes Store.