Are You A Hack?

Marlon Sanders goes a little crazy today. The e-mailed article doesn't seem to be online, so I can't point you to it, but this one statement hit me:

Don't expect to buy 1 stupid product and become a pro. Guys and gals, this isn't about being a HACK and making money.

Frankly, I've been seeing a lot of hacks—and products from hacks—lately. Of course, I suppose that's nothing new. I've been seeing them for years. The problem is, I see marketers of all stripes promoting these products and I begin to lump these marketers in with the hacks.

Come on, folks! Just because a new product comes out doesn't mean you need to promote it! Is there any value in the product outside of a couple bucks in your pocket because you found a few gullible people to buy it?