Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes

Autoresponse Plus 3 (ARP3) Response Codes
Every once in a while I need to look these up and forget where I got them:

F01 No form data to process
F02 No email address
F03 Invalid email address
F04 Email address is not allowed (is an autoresponder address?)
F05 Not a valid autoresponder
F06 Form control is disabled
F07 Autoresponder is not active
F08 Problem saving data
F09 Duplicate subscriber
F10 Baned email address
F11 Banned domain
F12 Title required
F13 First name required
F14 Middle name required
F15 Last name required
F16 Full name required
F17 Form control is disabled (unsubscribe)
F18 Subscription not found (unsubscribe)
F19 Invalid email address (unsubscribe)
F20 Company required
F21 Department required
F22 Street required
F23 City required
F24 State required
F25 ZIP code required
F26 Country required
F27 Phone 1 required
F28 Phone 2 required
F29 Phone 3 required
F30 Fax 1 required
F31 Fax 2 required
S01 Subscription added
S02 Subscription added, confirmation sent
S03 Multiple subscriptions added

S03 I’m unsure about; it probably just means the form that was submitted had one or more additional autoresponders included. S02 is given when the user subscribes and confirmation (double opt-in) is required; S01 will be given when the subscription is confirmed (and if no confirmation is required).

These can be found in, which also has nicer responses for the user (if you’re not using custom response pages).