Backordering Domains

I was going through some old email messages yesterday when I came across a conversation from two-and-a-half years ago:

Me: "Is [domain] for sale? I have a client who may be interested in purchasing the domain at the right price."

(I was attempting to purchase the domain for my own use.)

Other person: "Not really. Had some ideas to develop the domain. I am always willing to consider a good offer though."

Me: "Thanks, ____. My client has authorized me to offer $300. Let me know."

Never heard back. But the domain expired 8 months later and it cost me far less than the $300 I offered because I used the domain backorder service from my domain registrar.

If you haven't heard of domain backordering, it's just what you think it might be: if a domain is already taken, the service monitors the domain (usually for free) and snaps it up for you (at a reasonable price) if and when it expires.

Not all domain registrars offer this service, so shop around. And if someone offers you cash money for a domain you're not using, sell it to them instead of letting it expire.