Beginning the Big Unsubscribe

What I'm doing today is the antithesis of list building; it's what every online marketer hates: I'm unsubscribing from dozens of lists.

When I buy something online, I usually sign up to the offered mailing list. Sometimes I want product updates, sometimes I want to hear about related news. Most often I want to see how other marketers promote, so I can learn what (or what not) to do.

Lately I've noticed that many of the marketers who count me on their list are simply regurgitating the offers one can easily find on the Warrior Special Offers Forum. In and of itself that's not not a bad thing, but when that's all they promote—and they no longer promote their own products—then I'm no longer interested. Particularly when I can sign up for WSO Alerts or simply visit the forum for those offers.

Do create and promote your own products. Don't spend all your time promoting what everyone else is promoting.

Signal to noise ratio is also a factor in deciding to stay on a list. Give me information I can use and I'll stick around. Ask me to sign up to your list for product updates and then only send me promotions for more products and I'm gone.

Do send valuable information that your subscribers can use. Don't send more promotions than information.

Lastly, I get very annoyed when a single marketer sends me five or more duplicate messages. This happens because I've bought more than one product from that person and they send the same message to each list.

Do use the "supress duplicates" feature of your autoresponder to ensure that only a single message goes out to each email address. Don't annoy your subscribers.

It's important to follow up with your customers and prospects once they're on your list. Just don't make them leave as quickly as they got there.

[6 unsubscribes so far...]