Cattle Call for IM Weekly Roundup

It's official: the site supporting my Internet marketing resource newsletter, Internet Marketing Weekly Roundup, is open for business. will corral the weekly issues, which promote five or more resources that are free to use and will help Internet marketers in running their business. The resources run from newsletters to web services, from training to desktop applications, all with one thing in common: there's no charge for them.

I occasionally get complaints from subscribers to my lists who think I don't give them enough free stuff. IM Weekly Roundup is my answer to those complaints.

The newsletter has been published since October 4, 2008 and the domain has been active with WordPress installed since November 19. However, it took a little time to figure out how I wanted to present the individual resources and issues of the newsletter and then create the individual entries for those. Also, I needed to find a theme that I liked and have a little custom work done on the graphics.

There's still more work to be done, and the site will include additional features in the near future, so your suggestions will be appreciated. Take a look at the site, subscribe to the newsletter and let me know how you like both.