"Conversion Magic" Teleseminar

There's a teleseminar I'm hosting on Thursday evening that I'd love to have you dialed into. It's called "Conversion Magic: Same Traffic. More Money" and it's presented by Rob Toth, an accomplished marketer of Internet-based information products.

Want some solid advice on how to increase your profits without increasing your traffic? Even if you don't have a product? So do I. So join us on Thursday, November 15, at 6:00pm Pacific.

Can I ask you to do me a favor? Please let me know you'll be there by sending a message to rob[dash]toth[dash]webcast[at]1deg[dot]net and, when the teleseminar is over, I'll provide you a copy of the transcript with the audio, which you can give away or resell as you like. In addition, I'll let you in on a new product that Rob's just about finished with and tell you how you can get a copy nearly free.