cPanel Password Syncing

While making some server  changes and resetting some passwords (making them more secure), I ran across an issue where I couldn't log into phpMyAdmin -- even though I was already logged into cPanel. I kept being asked to log in (instead of being logged in automatically) and my cPanel credentials wouldn't work; instead, I was forced to use a database user and password, which only gave me access to a subset of my databases.

Turns out that some passwords don't sync properly between services:

That is correct, though it's not just punctuation, but almost any "special character" that can trip phpMyAdmin up and cause you to be unable to login to phpMyAdmin from cPanel, and may also affect the operation of Fantastico. The password itself is still synced, it seems that phpMyAdmin just doesn't encapsulate the entire password properly; it incorrectly thinks some of the special characters should not be passed onto MySQL, causing the issue.

Tip of the day: use only alphanumeric characters for cPanel passwords.