Crash Plan

I nearly freaked out today when—among the plethora of icons already in my menu bar—a new menu extra appeared. After all, I hadn't restarted my machine and (I thought) I hadn't installed any new software.

Fortunately, the icon was familiar and—after checking to be sure—I found that CrashPlan had updated itself overnight and a new feature was this menu item for controlling and monitoring backups.

I've been using CrashPlan for about a year-and-a-half, but I started too late: I lost data due to a faulty hard drive. I decided that would never happen again, so one facet of my new backup plan was purchasing a 3-year family online storage package from CrashPlan. Awesome package! 2-10 computers, unlimited storage, only $6 a month (for the four-year contract—I actually got in for $5 a month for three years). I backup four of our machines continuously now.

(I looked at Carbonite first, but they lost my business. I had a mostly complete, bootable backup of my system on another drive which I connected immediately, but Carbonite doesn't support external drives—and so I don't support them.)

I haven't had the need to restore any data since then, but I have no doubt I'll be able to recover after any loss. I seriously recommend you give CrashPlan a try before you lose data. You will lose data sometime (I get regular requests to re-download $7 Secrets after computer failures), so protect yourself now.

BTW, you can disable the CrashPlan menu extra if you like. And those items in my menu bar are, from left to right, CrashPlan, Hazel, TextExpander, Clips, Billings, Dropbox, Skitch, Alarms, and Tags—just a few 20+ that are up there.