Daylite 4 Not Ready for Market

Since the first of the year I’ve been managing my business in Daylite by Marketcircle. Even though I’ve owned the software for a number of years, I’ve found it much easier to continue using the home-grown solution I created using 4th Dimension. Unfortunately I’ve also found that I don’t have the time to program that solution with the new features I want or need—like mobile access to my business data.

As can be expected when moving from a make-it-what-you-want application to a one-size-fits-all package like Daylite, the change has not been without annoyances. My frustration has been heightened by a product that is looking long in the tooth—Daylite has not had a major upgrade in nearly (over?) six years.

However, Daylite 4 was recently released and I’ve had the opportunity to use it for four weeks now. Although the interface has been updated and the pricing is much more attractive (Daylite for iOS is included in the per-user license fee, rather than a $50/year add-on) I’ve not made up my mind yet how much of an improvement this version is. My dilemma is caused mostly due to what feels like a rushed release; a number of bugs have been reported on the company’s forum and I’ve experienced many of them myself:

Critical Bugs (crashes and/or data loss)

  • Crash when Daylite Server can’t be reached. This appears to be carried over from Daylite 3. [93638]
  • Crash when the Delegate button is clicked in a Progress view. This happens when there is no Task selected and the button is (incorrectly) enabled. [93641 - fixed in 4.0.6]
  • iCloud subscribed calendar crash. This may actually happen with other subscribed calendars. [93642 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • “Revert to Last Saved” doesn’t. Change a note and you can’t get the original content back. [92558 - fixed in 4.1.x] [Mostly fixed: if you change a field in a note, you must change the focus to another field to enable the menu command—maybe that’s SOP for OS X]
  • “Revert to Last Saved” also broken for forms. [fixed - in 4.1.x]
  • Crash when editing a Pipeline. If you add a Task or Appointment to a Pipeline, attempting to edit those objects later will crash Daylite. [93644 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Crash when changing the Mac OS appearance. Daylite doesn’t like it when you change the system appearance at **System Preferences > General. [92979 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Crash when setting Pipeline (Daylite Touch). Doesn’t always happen, but try enough times to get a Pipeline choice to stick (see later bug) and you’ll get a crash. [93337 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Form name field is missing. Users that used this field in Daylite 3 will find that data inaccessible after migration. [93709] [Marketcircle has a script that will reveal this data, but their position is “Currently we don’t plan on having the Form Name revealed when users perform a migration but based on feedback this may change.”]
  • Unlinked Letters and References are lost. These “non-major” objects will float around in the database, unable to be viewed, if unlinked from all major objects. [95214 - fixed in 4.1.x: it is now not possible to unlink Letters or References.]
  • Crash when selecting a popup option field when defining Forms. Introduced in 4.0.5 after two other Forms-related bugs I’d reported were fixed. [95468 - fixed in 4.0.6]

Major Bugs (those with no workaround)

  • Dynamic text in report editor is improperly rendered. Always shows as 12-point Helvetica in the editor. [91428]
  • Can’t link Companies to Companies (Daylite Touch). Unlike the desktop app, the mobile app doesn’t allow you to create or even view these relationships. [91737]
  • Default values are not editable. Only affects some people (like me), but means that defaults for various fields can’t be set. [91821 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • All vCard fields are not imported. Daylite misses Title, Department and Birthday. (Photo, too, according to another user.) [92172 - fixed in 4.0.6]
  • Email date is wrong (Daylite Touch). Unlike the desktop app, shows the date added instead of the message date. [92331]
  • Contact search is broken (Daylite Touch). Just doesn’t work. [92433 - fixed in 4.0.2]
  • No undo in Notes. Type some text and press cmd-Z: your text remains. Accidentally backspace and delete some text: you can’t retrieve it.[92558 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Added Form fields are missing. Any added Form fields will not be present in Form instances that already exist. [92562, fixed in 4.1.2]
  • Can’t save Letters. Merge documents opened in Daylite aren’t saved. [92669 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Stage started/completed date not reflected in activity. Activity instead shows entry date. [92709]
  • Opportunities linking to Projects. It’s not supposed to be possible to do this (although I’d like it), but dragging one to the other does link them—and then it’s impossible to unlink them. [92713]
  • Linebreaks not added with CardDAV. Multi-line addresses run the lines together. [92717]
  • Items in the trash affect smart lists. Smart lists that filter on linked items will show results matching linked item in the trash. [92934]
  • Create Date column in Form lists cannot be be hidden. All Form lists will show this column. [92926 - fixed in 4.1]
  • Can’t set Pipelines (Daylite Touch). Well, it’s very difficult to get them (and stages) to stick. [93336 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Can’t subscribe to calendar in BusyCal (Daylite Server). I get an “Unrecognized Selector” and a 500 error in the logs. [91861 - fixed in 4.0.4] [Update: also required an update to BusyCal (1.6.3b1).]
  • Snooze is broken. No matter what time period I choose, snoozed notifications never remind me again. [92104 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Rescheduled appointments fail to remind. You’ll not be notified when the scheduled reminder hits for a rescheduled appointment. [93679 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Can’t used linked Notes as a criterion in Companies smart lists. Simple as that. [93703]
  • Can’t create new Company roles. Such roles are marked “<role> does not apply to Companies.” [93705 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Advance Stage button does nothing (Daylite Touch, iPad). Cannot create tasks and appointments or set start date. [94853 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Start Pipeline button does nothing (Daylite Touch, iPad). Cannot create tasks and appointments or set start date. [94854 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Deleted Letters are not in trash. Marketcircle has acknowledged this as a bug, but only in that the “Delete/Unlink” dialog is misleading. Minor objects like Letters are deleted without possibility of recovery, so until the dialog is substantially changed to reflect this I’m categorizing it as Major (possible data loss). [95214 - fixed in 4.0.6]
  • Groups Standard report generates error. The built-in report causes an error when the name field is to be displayed. [95257 - fixed in 4.1]
  • DMA can’t link to Companies. Click on a suggestion and you’re prompted to link to an existing Person or add a Person, but not Companies.
  • Merge keys for objectives don’t work in Pages. They did in DL3. [94908]

Minor Bugs (for which there is a workaround)

  • Page layout previews are broken. Dynamic text doesn’t display in a preview generated from the editor. [91426 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Data refresh bugs. These happen in many places, but noted first in Companies: link a new Project to a Company and the Project shows as “Untitled Project” in the Activity view until the user switches Companies. [91726 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • People added to a Company don’t appear in Activity. This may be the same bug as the one previous, but it presents slightly differently. [92130 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Nebulous Pipeline stages. The Activity view for a Project doesn’t show the stage names for stages migrated from Daylite 3. [91732]
  • Company Name appears in Last Name field in Contact/Address Book (Daylite Server). This happens because Daylite doesn’t send the ORG property on a CardDAV sync. [91734 - fixed in 4.0.5]
  • Auto-capitalization is broken (Daylite Touch). Data entered into fields will not start with a capital letter. [92084] [Update: I’ve been informed that this is an iOS bug and that the feature can be re-enabled at Settings > General > Keyboard > Auto-Capitalization—turn it off, then back on.]
  • Finish button doesn’t mark a Project as “done.” You have to edit the Project to change its status after completing a pipeline. [92590]
    Cannot edit system labels. That’s deliberate, unfortunately, but puzzling, since system labels can be deleted. [92586 - fixed in 4.1]
  • Note titles are not saved. Unless the user tabs out of the field. Only happens with the “Link object to New Note” menu. [92631, fixed in 4.1]
  • Non-numeric characters clear numeric Form fields. Type ‘a’, for example, in a numeric form field and anything you were typing is immediately erased. [92662]
  • Multiplying processes. Numerous Postgres processes are spawned while Daylite is running—as many as 31 in addition to the application and daemon processes in my experience. [92685]
  • Titles for Internet File References do not save. Unless you tab out of the field. [92977 - fixed in 4.1]
  • Extra fields merge keys do not work. They are not replaced when merged to a Pages document. [92812]
  • Tasks are inconsistently synced to iOS devices. The docs indicate which Tasks will be synced, but my iPhone has different Tasks than my iPad—and some of those tasks were finished > 540 days ago. [93221]
  • Forms editor does not save defaults. Form fields can have default values, but the editor does not save them. [92547, fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Can’t view Forms linked to Groups. However, you can view Groups linked to forms. [Fixed in 4.0.2]
  • Cannot delete Roles. They appear to be deleted, but reappear when the preference pane is re-opened. [93705 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Wrong date for future appointments. Relative dates (for example, 1 day after start) set for Pipeline appointments result in incorrect dates.
  • Days/Weeks and After not available for Pipelines. You can only set reminders “nn minutes before” for Tasks and Appointments added to Pipelines—not in days or weeks and not after as with any other reminders.
  • Default reminders not shown. When adding Tasks and Appointments to Pipelines, default reminders set elsewhere are not shown, although they are applied.
  • Can’t add Forms to Form lists. Although you can create Form lists, you can’t actually drag forms to them. [93706]
  • Can’t add note when advancing a Pipeline stage (Daylite Touch). Carried over from Daylite 3: notes can be added on the desktop, not the mobile version. [93708]
  • Can’t set secondary phone. Although “Set as Secondary” is an option for phone numbers, selecting it does nothing. [93713 - fixed in 4.1]
  • ”@@” replacement in Pipelines is broken (Daylite Touch). The token is replaced with “<null>” instead of the object name. [93889]
  • Tasks do not show for tomorrow (Daylite Touch). The Home screen indicates “Nothing Scheduled” even though there are tasks tomorrow and in the next seven days. [94225 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Start Pipeline button does the wrong thing (Daylite Touch, iPhone). The button will go to the Repeat Stage screen instead of the Advance Stage screen the first time. [94854 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Should not be able to edit a stage (Daylite Touch). Unlike the desktop client, the iOS client allows you to change the stage without going through the Advance/Repeat Stage item. This means the start date can’t be edited and tasks and appointments aren’t created. [94851 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Printing requires a selection. Contrary to every other Mac app, failure to select from a list in Daylite leaves the Print command disabled. [94965]
  • Tasks and Appointments are created against the user’s wishes. If the “(Re)create tasks and appointments for this stage” option is unchecked, tasks and appointments are (re)recreated anyway. [95216 - fixed in 4.0.4 or 4.0.5]
  • Deferred Projects aren’t removed immediately (Daylite Touch). The Project will remain on the iOS device after the first sync; upon the second sync the Project will be removed, even if the status was changed to make the Project active. [95218]
  • Form defaults are not applied. Once the “Form defaults are not saved” issue was fixed, I found that those defaults aren’t used for new form instances. [95468 - fixed in 4.0.5]
  • Merge > Document from another Application is disabled for objectives. It’s necessary to select individual contacts. [94908]
  • Copy Phone/Address Information is Broken. The contextual menu command has no sub-menus and does nothing. [97564]
  • Users can’t create new objectives when viewing contacts (Daylite Touch). In v3, users could create new Projects or Opportunities when they tapped “Add New Link.”

Trivial Bugs (no business impact)

  • Home screen badge doesn’t update (Daylite Touch). When Notifications are cleared in the app, the badge remains. [91564 - fixed in 4.0.2]
  • Notification queue doesn’t clear (Daylite Touch). When Notifications are dismissed, they remain in the queue. [91564]
  • Caps lock is broken (Daylite Touch). You cannot double-tap to set caps lock. [92084] [Update: I’ve been informed that this is an iOS bug and that the feature can be re-enabled at Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock—turn it off, then back on.]
  • Loss of focus when phone notes are edited. Each phone number has a notes field; if you clear this field it will immediately lose focus. [92133 - fixed in 4.1]
  • ’-’ (minus/hyphen) not accepted in numeric Form fields. A problem if you want to use negative numbers. [92662]
  • Form name and icon not shown in slideover. Unlike any other object, an icon and name do not show for Form details. [92725]
  • Form tokens are unnamed. Unlike any other object, tokens for forms show no name. [92726]
  • Primary database not indicated (Daylite Server Admin). You can set a primary database, but nothing tells you which database you have done this for. [Update: The primary database is bolded in the list. This is difficult to see against the highlight, is not documented, and nothing else in the window indicates primary (even the “Set as Primary” menu item is not checked).] [93694]
  • No slideover for Tasks. Unlike any other object, details are not edited in a slideover. [93699]
  • Extra step required to set Pipeline (Daylite Touch). Carried over from Daylite 3, setting a Pipeline means tapping on “Set Pipeline,” tapping “Pipeline,” then selecting the Pipeline. [93707 - fixed in 4.0.4]
  • Date shift in Calendar smart list. When switching back and forth between a smart list in week view and any other Calendar list, the visible time period in the smart list shifts by one day. [95047 - fixed in 4.1]
  • Go to selection is broken. The option is disabled everywhere in the app. [94972]
  • Write Letter in Daylite menu item is enabled for objects that have no linked People. This means selecting the command does nothing. The command should be disabled if there are no linked People. [95260]
  • Erroneous unsaved changes prompt. After editing a Note, Daylite indicates it has unsaved changes and will prompt you to save them when you quit. [95467]
  • Save is enabled for Letters. Select it and you’re told that Daylite can’t save the Letter. [92669]
  • Prompt to save Letters. If you close a Letter you just created, Daylite will ask you to save it and then tell you that it can’t. [92669 - fixed in 4.0.3]
  • Write Letter in Daylite is disabled for Groups. Write Email is enabled, but without Write Letter you can’t snail mail to a Group. [95261] [Marketcircle logged this as a feature request.]
  • Write Letter in Daylite > Email links the Letter to the contact. This is different than Write Email, which requires the user to explicitely link the message to the contact using DMA. [95263] [Marketcircle’s explanation is “that a user might not want to actually send out an email to the Contact.” Well, in that case I’d expect the user to choose Write Letter in Daylite > Open in Daylite.]
  • Prompt to save for changes in Notes. This happens when Undo is used, once my “can’t undo bug” was fixed in 4.0.4. [95467]

If you’ve been counting, that’s 90+ bugs. (I’ve also filed 20+ feature requests.) I’ll need to wait until most of those have been squashed before I can make a fair evaluation of this new version of Daylite. At the moment, it just doesn’t seem like a product ready for market.

Update: I’ll be updating here as I add bugs and as these get fixed.