Ever Profits Toolbar

When a subscriber (I'll call him Dan) told me the other day that he was requesting a refund for his purchase of Answer Analyst, a product from Jon Leger that I promote, because it was inferior to a free product he was using, I was intrigued. After all, even I like the best product at the best price.

Dan recommended the Ever Profits Toolbar; what follows is my response to him after I reviewed the software:

I did take a look at the Ever Profits Toolbar (EPT). The PPC feature is nice, but I wouldn't use that; I prefer to use SEO Toolbar for the SEO features. Since those aren't relevant to Answer Analyst (AA), though...

Comparing apples to apples, EPT just doesn't stack up to AA. The Content & Article Wizard in EPT scrapes entire articles—and only articles—based on your keywords, while Answer Analyst is using information from across the Internet. More on that in a moment.

The comment at the end of the demo video notwithstanding, this is just a tool for plagiarism: changing a few words using a built-in thesaurus, resulting in content that makes you sound like English isn't your first language, doesn't make mean you didn't plagiarize. (By the way, have you seen the "Friends" episode where Joey uses a thesaurus? Same results.) For example, the video for EPT shows it changing "A German guy...first established BMW in 1913. However the initial companies [sic] core business..." to "A German guy...first proven BMW in 1913. However such initial companies [sic] heart business...")

The demonstration video for Answer Analyst shows a search on "what is old time radio?" For this, AA returned many relevant answers with references to the original sources. EPT doesn't search on questions, but a keyword search on "old time radio" returned only 21 articles—none of which were relevant to old time radio. "Racing monster trucks," "House train your new puppy," "Time out assists for busy parents"—none of these were what I was looking for, although they did contain the word "radio."

Again, comparing apples to apples, I duplicated the keyword search from Answer Analyst. "Colon cancer" returned 101 results in the original AA video; EPT returned only 22 articles of dubious value. One of those had simply a reference to colon cancer in a non-relevant article on bullying: "A link is being established between bullying and colon cancer."

So what is EPT returning? If you take specific phrases like the one above from each of the articles it displays and do a search in Google, it's clear that the information is coming solely from article directories—and based on multiple searches I conducted it's safe to say that EPT is returning results from one single source: ezinearticles.com. This site showed up in each of the searches and was the only result in several.

(I should note that this use of ezinearticles.com by Easy Profits Toolbar appears to violate the terms of service of that site, not to mention the copyrights of the article authors.)

Since Answer Analyst includes the references for its sources, it's easy to see that the information is coming from authoritative sites. (Cancer.org is certainly a better site than an article directory, wouldn't you say?) The data is better written and more comprehensive as a result, too.

A minor point about EPT: it's a browser add-on that works only in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. As a Mac user it's bad enough that I have to fire up Windows to run AA, but then to force me to use an insecure browser...

All in all, I disagree with your assessment that Answer Analyst is an inferior product to Ever Profits Toolbar. Answer Analyst produces more highly-relevant, authoritative, well-written results and is a better choice for producing your own articles and information products.