How do I find out about WSOs?

If you're looking for the latest WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) on the Warrior Forum, going to the forum itself is often frustrating. For some reason WSOs are the only board that cannot be sorted; even if it could be, there's no apparent way to sort by thread start date instead of date of last post (comment). As a result, the threads at the top of the list aren't necessarily the newest offers.

So how can you find out about the newest WSOs? To help you out, I've compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of different services that will let you know about new WSOs, each of which has various advantages and disadvantages. Let me know if you have any others to add!

BTW, each of these services is free; they can offer the service because each link to a WSO is an affiliate link.

WarriorPlus is the best known service, since it's promoted in a sticky on the WSO Forum.
  • You can suspend any alert, including the WarriorPlus alert that sends the WSO of the Day
  • You can receive daily or weekly alerts, in addition to an alert sent instantly
  • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of all your alerts
  • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of recent WSOs
  • You can't receive an alert for each new WSO, only those keywords or sellers you setup
  • RSS feeds and alerts only include the title of the WSO (the WSO of the Day is more informative)
WSO Notifications
There are too many cons (and no pros that I can find) to suggest that you use WSO Notifications. Still, it's there.
  • You can't receive an alert for each new WSO, only those keywords or sellers you setup
  • You can't setup an alert for just any seller or keyword, only those on their subscription management page
  • You can't actually manage your alerts -- your subscription management page (after clicking the link in your email messages) doesn't populate with your current choices
  • You'll receive separate messages, messages you didn't sign up for, that appear to be curated offers from the forum
  • Notifications contain additional "featured offers"
WSO Scout
Easy of the three here to use, WSO Scout is likely your best bet unless you want the configurability of WarriorPlus.
  • Clean, easy-to-read notifications
  • No other options (although that may be a good thing)