How Do You Build Your Site?

While completing an install of the $7 Secrets software for a client this last week (yes, part of it while I was on vacation), the question came up about how to create and/or edit web pages, particularly the templates that come with 7DSS.

Unfortunately, my web page creation experience goes back to 1995, when I began hand-coding my HTML, and I'm alternately proud and sorry to say that I still code by hand. (I use TextWrangler and/or BBEdit, for anyone that's interested.) I've tried a few WYSIWYG editors over the years—even bought a couple,—but I found that they would add in all sorts of cruft that bulked up the page. (And some of them are quite expensive!)

Then when I started coding CSS-based layouts, the WYSIWYG editors were slow to keep up with tools that made the job easier, still giving me table-based layouts that combined content and structure—making for sites that were difficult to maintain.

I realize, though, that the landscape is constantly changing. There are plenty of free and low-cost HTML editors out there, in addition to the expensive offerings. Some of them actually have the ability to add "Web 2.0" features to your site.

I'm interested in learning (and so are my readers) what you use to create and edit your web pages. If you have sites other than 7DSS-based sites, feel free to share, but I'd really like to know how you modify the $7 Secrets templates.

Do you use a text editor? Do you have a favorite WYSIWYG editor? Why do you like it? Do you buy niche templates and/or have them made for you, and then modify them? Or do you start from scratch?

Give us all your comments below and we'll see if we can come up with some options for newbies and experts alike.