How I Avoided a Toll Road Ticket

I don't drive the toll roads very often, so perhaps it's understandable that I blew right past one of two toll plazas on a trip I took yesterday and didn't pay the cash toll. I realized it just as I was coming up on the toll plaza in the FasTrak lanes and I couldn't move over -- and I couldn't go back!

I was all set to pay a $57.50 fine whenever I got the violation notice, but when I mentioned the incident to the toll booth attendant on a repeat trip this morning she told me I could pay the toll online within 48 hours and avoid the fine. Whew!

While I was on the TCA's site, I also found out that cash payments will be phased out by Fall 2013. Since I use the toll roads and car pool lanes so infrequently I've not gotten FasTrak (because of its $2/month maintenance fee), but there will be two additional options for me and others who don't want to use FasTrak: license plate tolling accounts (with no maintenance fee) and pay-as-you-go (which works like the current "missed a toll" program). Both will have the higher-than-FasTrak rates.