I Must Be Lying

Yes, there does seem to be a downturn in the economy, at least by looking at certain indicators. However, I must take issue with the commentary recently published by a fellow marketer:

Any IMer that doesn't admit that the current economic conditions have cut deeply into their sales are simply not being truthful.

So I must be lying when I say that monthly sales of $7 Secrets have continued to increase over last year, with October 2008 sales, for example, at 60% above those of October 2007. Overall, it's seen an average increase of 6% per month.

As a percentage, my sales—generated solely through organic search traffic—have held steady between 9% and 12%, except for January and February 2008 when an affiliate contest was held. (It was a one-month promotion, but the effects were felt for some time afterward.) My point here is that the increase in sales figures doesn't appear to be due to any additional efforts by my affiliates or by myself.

Rather, it may be that the increase comes because of the economy. $7 Secrets has been out for almost two years; it's probably safe to assume that recent purchasers are new to Internet marketing, instead of being "in the business."

This tells me that more people are looking for options in a "bad" economy. People like Ravi, who told me today:

I just wanna say thanks for your wonderful ebook. It inspired me to create my own and I've succesfully launched it today. Being a newbie [who] failed 3 times before this, your ebook came in at the right time to inspire, motivate and guide me.

Congratulations, Ravi! Don't let the naysayers tell you that it can't be done, even in troubled times.