In Business to Make Money

A forum member recently posted:

Instead of charging  $7 for a recording , wouldn't it be better to do a upsell with another product eg a  plr you have on your hard disk. That will be so enriching and show you are over delivering. Just my personal opinion.

I don't think so. I'm in business to make money; giving away products generally makes me less money than charging for them. That said, I do give away the exact same information -- you can get it by attending one of the free webinars I offer on a regular basis. However, if you want the convenience of attending the webinar on your own schedule, the recorded session is a low-cost alternative.

In addition, the forum is available to help users not only with installing and using 7DSS, but also any questions you have about the $7 Secrets method. Is that over-delivering? I think so. The report alone is worth more than $7 IMHO; giving you the software for free and supporting it thereafter is above and beyond.