Instashare Adds Clipboard Transfer

Instashare Adds Clipboard Transfer

Last February, I reviewed Instashare, an app [Free ($1 in-app upgrade to remove ads), iOS; $3, OS X] for sharing files between your OS X and iOS devices. Although I didn’t find it to be a perfect app, I’ve been using it regularly over the last six months.

Since then, Two Man Show has continued to iterate and my two minor complaints have been addressed; I can drag from iPhoto to Instashare to transfer to another device and it’s now possible to transfer multiple files at once.

Today, the Mac version comes out of beta and it brings to the masses something beta testers have been playing with for the last few versions: clipboard transfer. Yes, you can now transfer clipboards between all your devices just as easily as you move files from one to the other. This is a boon for me, since I often want to get text from my iPhone onto my iPad; Pastebot, which I’ve used for ages, only works from OS X to iOS and vice versa.

(Although Pastebot is somewhat more versatile in clipboard transfer and includes additional text manipulation features, I’ll be retiring it today. Without iOS to iOS transfer it has become much less useful to me.)

Instashare still isn’t perfect. Preview within the iOS app doesn’t always work; the Mac app has no clipboard preview. And I’ll occasionally get a “Transfer was aborted…” error on iOS when I wasn’t transferring files. But I finally have the app I’ve been asking for for several years.