Learning about PayPal Site Status Updates

PayPal Site Updates
PayPal doesn’t seem to have a proactive mechanism for informing developers of changes to their site. Although I’ve heard of developers receiving notification of bulletins by email, PayPal Merchant Technical Support doesn’t know anything about that.

MTS did recommend that I visit their site status updates page to keep up on changes to IPN and the like and click on the (very small) RSS icon to subscribe to their site status feed. Unfortunately that’s not a real feed: it takes you to another page that lists monthly RSS feeds. Of course, feeds are useless if your users have to resubscribe each and every month.

(What’s particularly frustrating about this is that they’re running Drupal on the backend, which handles RSS automatically—someone’s obviously screwed up a setting.)

So, if you want to keep up-to-date with PayPal’s site status, you’ll need to monitor that page manually or automate the process with something like Simon or ChangeDetect.com.