Learning Object-Oriented Programming

Want to learn OOP? Stanford University offers a number of online courses from its catalog, including Programming Methodology (CS106A), through iTunes University—for free!

The course is great for anyone who knows how to turn a computer, or at least can identify a computer that's on. You won't get the collaboration that comes from actually being in the class yourself, but it's still a good start in the basics of modern programming. (I'm personally only versed in procedural programming, so this will teach me a lot of new concepts. As the professor says, since my first programming language was BASIC, I'm likely brain-damaged; maybe the course will repair that.)

I've included some links below that will help you through the course.

Stanford University CS106A site
Course textbook: The Art & Science of Java 
Course reader: Karel the Robot Learns Java
Eclipse IDE
Class Handouts