Leaving the Emerald City

Seattle Skyline

Last night we met up with Cara's mom and dad after their three-day drive up the coast. (That must have been quite a trip—four adults and two children under the age of 5 packed in a van for three days. Fortunately their luggage was following behind with Cara's aunt and her husband.)

Nothing special for dinner, but later, when we were back at our hotel, I walked over to The Cheesecake Factory to get dessert. Nine-thirty in the evening and it's broad daylight! I like that about Seattle, the long daylight hours. It's funny, though: I was expecting rain while we were up here, but we seem to have gotten three of the seven non-rainy days this year.

Cara's partial to rain and I like the green (hence the moniker, the Emerald City), so it wouldn't be hard to get used to Seattle at all. After walking downtown for a couple days, I even think I'd like to live downtown. I guess I say that wherever we go.

It's kinda strange leaving Seattle, because usually we'd be going home after spending two or three days on vacation. Instead, we're on board the Norwegian Pearl for the next leg of our journey: Alaska's Inside Passage.