Ledesma Optometry

I broke my eyeglasses frames a couple weeks ago and immediately ordered a new pair from my regular optometrist, Ledesma Optometry in Redlands. I was told they would be in on Tuesday (this was a Friday) and that they would be covered under their free replacement policy. I called back on Tuesday, was told their courier would be in after 1:30. I called after 1:30, was told that I was given incorrect information: the frames would take as long as seven days to arrive. No problem—except that my backup glasses were several years old and not suitable for long-term wear.

I called on Friday and was now informed that my frames would not be free, since they were purchased over a year ago. I asked if they had even been ordered and the answer was "no." What?! I asked why and was told they were discontinued. So why hadn't I been informed? The answer was that they attempted to leave a message at home, but had been unable to. (They weren't specific, but my landline hasn't been having any problems.)

So, my frames were never ordered and not only did they make (or not) only a half-hearted attempt to let me know, they didn't inform me either of the two times I had called before that—and it wasn't even given as the reason right from the start when I called a week later. And I've now gone a week without appropriate glasses and I'm suffering from daily headaches.

To add insult to injury, after I went online, ordered a replacement frame (different color, but Ledesma didn't offer me that), and brought it to their office to have the frames swapped, I was told that there would be a $50 charge to do that. No consideration for the fiasco at all.

My new optometrist (and my wife's and my son's) only charged me $20 for the swap.