Legendary Marketers and International Models

Are you using video on your website? Have you really given thought to how you're going to deliver that video—and the consequences of using free sites to host the video?

Video is bandwidth-heavy, so I can't fault you for off-loading that content to a service that serves it up for free. But, as your grandfather said, "there ain't no free lunch." Services like YouTube are in business to make money and to make money they need to keep you on their site. Often they'll do that by showing additional content that's available for your viewing pleasure.

Dave Woodward's LegendaryMarketers.com uses videos hosted at YouTube to give you a taste of the DVDs that he offers at the membership site, playing a trailer and several clips from the DVDs. And along the bottom of each video when it's done playing is a panorama of related content or other videos you might be interested in.

So maybe you'll be interested in "Les Brown on Network Marketing." It's less likely that you'll find "MySpace Chiropractic Marketing Secrets" to be up your alley. But I'll bet you'll find the "Luciana Gimenez: Topless" and "Japanesse: Japan Idol" videos either distracting or offensive.

Whichever it is, is that the image that you think Dave wants to portray for Legendary Marketers? More importantly, is that the image you want to give your site? If you're using video, do you want visitors to come to your site prepared to buy, only to be distracted by the latest beatboxing flute video—or worse?