Mapping Your Marketing Strategy

As I "talk" with buyers of $7 Secrets, I find that many of them just don't fully comprehend the process of developing a system for promoting, selling, and distributing an information product. This is particularly evident when I buy their products and I find they...

  1. Don't have an opt-in form for followup
  2. Don't followup even if they do have an opt-in form
  3. Don't have an OTO
  4. Don't have related offers

They (and maybe you) are really missing the boat here, because a one-time buyer is not a customer—and without customers your business will not grow.

I'm pretty darn sure that if these folks had a plan for their business—if they mapped out their strategy—they would find that their efforts would be much more successful. My friend, Doug Hudiburg, agrees with me, and he's just released a planning and management tool that I believe will help them (you!) reach their full potential.

Doug calls it iMOS—Information Marketing Operating System—and he's making it available to you right now for only $1. Don't be fooled by the low price, though. Doug's packed a lot of value into iMOS and you'll find yourself using it every day as you grow your business. (I've already seen where there's a hole in my plan.)

Doug's indispensable planning and management tool definitely needs to be in your toolbox.