New Site, Expanded Focus

Today marks the transition of from a personal site to a personal/business site. As I become more involved in Internet Marketing, I'd like to have this site be the central location for all of my efforts and be the one place people can go to find out what I'm doing.

Also, I'm changing over the content management system (CMS) once again, from Movable Type (previously Blogger) to Drupal. Drupal is the 800-pound gorilla of open-source CMSs, much more extensible than MT and WordPress—even if it involves more time to set up. Through my off-line job I've had the opportunity to set up a web site using Drupal for a 7000+ member church and I have been extremely impressed with Drupal's abilities.

Bear with me as the site continues to evolve and things seem to change almost constantly; the site will settle down after some time. Until then, just focus on the great content that you can expect to find.