Please don't use the number $7 anymore

Got a support ticket today from Pepe, with the subject you see above:

Am so so tired. Everything in marketing has a price that ends with $7. It's too much!!!

Tell me, Pepe, when was the last time you walked into your local department store and complained because all the prices ended in ".99" or ".95"? I'm guessing you'll be complaining next year when marketers are using "8" instead.

Well, I'll tell you what: for you I'll make the price for $7 Secrets an even $10. Just click the order link and use the PayPal address you see to Send Money. I'll followup with a download link.

Here's the real problem, though: Pepe doesn't understand the reason for the inexpensive front-end offer. Whether it's $7 or $5 or $9, the product is only the first step in a marketing system designed to build a relationship with a customer.

Savvy Internet marketers understand this and create a succession of offers that increase increase in value while the customer's resistance decreases. It doesn't happen all at once, and for inexperienced marketers it doesn't happen at all.

You can lower resistance by providing a low-cost product; by regular communication; by giving more than the customer expects; etc. Actually, you should do all of these things. But if a prospect has no experience with you—doesn't know you from Adam—the easiest way to lower their risk is to provide a low-cost product. And that's an important part of the $7 Secrets method.