Recognizing When You’ve Outgrown Your Business Software Needs

There’s a recent post by Marketcircle (the publishers of Daylite) that discusses signs that your current business needs have outgrown the software you’re using to manage your business. I agree with all of them.

One wonders, though, if Marketcircle should be the ones writing on this subject:

Any time you’re using multiple products in your business that don’t talk directly to each other, there may be redundant data entry occurring.

Daylite 4, Marketcircle’s flagship product for CRM, doesn’t communicate with Billings or Billings Pro, their products for time tracking and invoicing. Although they’ve promised integration by the end of September (and Daylite 3 still works with the two), this is still a glaring omission.

Not having a way to access and interact with your business when not in the office can often be a trigger that drives the search for new tools.

Daylite 4 for iOS (née Daylite Touch) does give you access to your data on-the-go, but it doesn’t give you access to all of your current data. Chief among the missing data are forms:

Many business still rely on paper or analogue mediums, be it forms to manage information for projects, or scheduling with a big whiteboard calendar in a common area at the office.

While Daylite allows you to create forms (custom, structured data types) and attach them to contacts, objectives and more, you can’t use that information on your iPhone or iPad. Even though Daylite Touch was released over three years ago, this feature is still missing.

These two shortcomings may make you think twice about purchasing or upgrading to Daylite 4.