Save Time (and Money) on Your Product Research

When you think about what subject to write about (talk about. etc.) for your information product, I don't blame you for being a little overwhelmed. You might be thinking,

"I'm not an expert!"

The good news is, you don't have to be an expert!

The fact of the matter is, the Internet has made it possible for your prospects to find information—in depth—on just about any subject you can imagine. For free.

Except they're probably going to have to put a lot of time into getting all that information together...

...which is why your potential customers are willing to pay for a product that puts it all together for them. Ninety-eight percent of the time, you'll not be giving them anything new—you're just providing the information in one place, making it easy for them to access and use it.

So maybe you've used (which I now recommend as a resource in $7 Secrets) to find out what subjects are currently important to people. Or perhaps you know a little bit about a subject and want to round out your knowledge enough to create a product.

You're now asking yourself,

"Do I really have to spend all that time researching my topic?"

Yes, you do...

...but it doesn't have to take nearly as long as it used to.

Enter Answer Analyst.

This software tool takes keywords related to your topic and creates questions that your customers will be asking about the subject. It does this by scouring search engines for questions that have already been asked.

Once the questions have been found, the answers are grouped and listed to create the foundation of your information product. Put the questions in the order that makes sense for your e-book (audio, video, etc.) and then use the various answers to fill out the content for your product.

But rather than explain everything the product does, let me point you to this video that will show you Answer Analyst in action.

How can you use the answers? How about:

  • Foundational content for your e-book
  • Fodder for articles related to your subject, pointing to your product
  • Blog post and review site content
  • Questions to ask experts that you interview about the topic (that was my thought)
  • Autoresponder followup messages, dripping information about your product
  • School reports (Seriously. One of the testimonials mentioned this.)

The uses are endless: what can you come up with for Answer Analyst?

After I've played with it a bit I'll post a full review, but there's currently (thorough February 6) a 20% discount on Answer Analyst—don't take too long to see what it can do for you.