Seattle Dining

Speaking of dining, we've enjoyed very much the food we've had so far. Last night we ate Asian cuisine at Dragonfish, just a block down the street. Asparagus beef, carmel ginger chicken, Jasmine riceā€”it was all very tasty, and we managed to use chopsticks without flinging food everywhere. We had the leftovers for breakfast this morning (oh, Cara was very impressed that the restaurant labeled the to-go containers with the date).

Tonight was dinner at the Daily Grill, Chicken Marsala for me and Lemon Chicken with Shiitake and Asparagus Risotto for Cara. Creme Brulee for dessert. Oh, and mac and cheese for an appetizer. This was the second time we've eaten at a Daily Grill; the first time was last February in San Francisco. Both times the food and service has been outstanding. I just checked and found that there is a location in Palm Desert, so we're likely to head out that way more often when we're looking to eat out.

There's a great little crepe stand, La Creperie Voila, next to the convention center, which we passed several times Thursday and Friday. I ran downstairs this morning and picked up a couple Breton-style (savory) crepes, one with prosciutto ham and the other with roasted chicken. Wonderful!

Unfortunately, this week and next are going to wreak havoc with our diets, but, hey, it's vacation!