Secret Classroom: Still a Secret?

So, the biggest thing hitting the Internet today is Joel Comm's Secret Classroom. To be honest, I wouldn't even be giving all of the messages flooding my inbox today a second look, except that Jon Leger's promotion of this product is rather unique.

It seems Jon is giving away any profits he earns from promoting Secret Classroom; you can read why if you visit the link above (and you might get some of the moolah he's giving away).

I came, I saw... I wasn't impressed.

First, the launch date is already upon us, yet the sales/squeeze page is still inviting me to get on the priority notification list. (Along with a "Sorry, too late" message.) Okay, I signed up for it anyway.

Now I'm told I'll get a message with a link to the preview site and a bunch of free bonuses. I confirm my address and the message I get links me to a blog with a video. No bonuses. And a link back to the squeeze page.

I hope it gets better than this.

[Update: About five minutes after posting this, four-and-a-half hours after the launch target, the site opened.]