Skitch 2.0 is a Disappointment

Skitch 2.0 is a Disappointment
For about 15 months, Skitch has been my “go to” app for taking and annotating static screenshots. I’m not sure why I stopped using LittleSnapper, other than I liked the arrows in Skitch better.

Two months ago, Skitch 2.0 was released to great fanfare and I upgraded immediately. I downgraded even faster—and so did many others. Here’s why:

  • No menu bar item for taking snaps (added back in 2.0.2)
  • Timed snaps are less robust
  • Snap from Link and Snap Safari are gone
  • Options for window snap backgrounds have been removed
  • A window snap of Skitch itself isn’t complete
  • PDFs can no longer be opened in Skitch
  • Missing tools (eraser, eyedropper, fill, polygon)
  • Fewer options for line weights
  • No custom colors
  • Can’t specify the font, size, outline, or shadow for text
  • No flip or rotate (added back in 2.0.1)
  • Option-drag to copy objects is gone
  • Constrained shapes are gone
  • The arrow direction modifier is gone (added back in 2.0.1)
  • There are fewer options for crop and resize
  • No watermarks
  • Can’t choose file type for export (some types added back in 2.0.1, but still can’t export as SVG or PDF)
  • Missing sharing via Flickr, WebDAV, and FTP.
  • Can’t change snap shortcuts

Now, there are some things to like about the new Skitch:

  • Syncing with Evernote is automatic and Skitch notes saved in Evernote are available in Skitch
  • A new Pixelate tool allows you to obscure parts of your image without just drawing a colored line
  • Text resizing is arguably easier
  • Sharing to Twitter and Facebook is available

However, none of the improvements of v2 can make up for the loss of features from v1. As a result, I’m still using v1 and I’m contemplating returning to LittleSnapper.

And then there’s Skitch for iOS. Although it shares nearly the same feature set as its desktop sibling, because it’s a new app users will perhaps have less expectations of it. In addition to supporting screen snaps and other items in your photos and shots from your camera, it also allows you to capture and annotate maps and web pages.

Not everything works well with the iOS app, however. Skitch only snaps the visible portion of a web page and maps are strangely cropped. Because of the former issue, I really questioning its usefulness to me as a whole and I’m on the hunt for a suitable replacement.

Two additional downsides to Skitch (on all platforms—it’s available for Windows and Android, too) may make it unsuitable for many people:

  • Organization is atrocious. Although you can assign your Skitch notes (snaps) to any Evernote notebook, you’re presented with a flat view of all of your snaps.
  • Regardless of the file type, notes in Evernote can’t be annotated in Skitch unless they originated in Skitch.

Perhaps Evernote will continue to improve the new Skitch; there have been two updates of the Mac version since the initial release, both of which have addressed long-time users’ concerns. I have my hopes up.

Update: It looks like many of these features are coming back.