SMB and Mac OS X Lion

So I've got this Copystar CS-1820 MFP that I want to use to scan to a folder on my Mac network. I have two options: scan to FTP and scan to SMB. There are only two settings I need to worry about in the embedded Kyocera Command Center—Host Name and Path—so this shouldn't be to hard, right? Guess again.

First off, Lion no longer has an available Share files and folders using FTP option. To enable its hidden FTP server (which, contrary to many sites I found through Google, is present on the client version of Lion), you'll need to enter several terminal commands. Or just download Lion Tweaks (donation requested) to make it easy.
(Sharing Preferences, Lion)
(Sharing Preferences, Leopard)
Once you've done that, though, FTP access is smooth. You'll use the IP address of your Mac as the Host. (As far as I know, there's no way for your MFP to resolve a local hostname like "computer" or "computer.local".) And paths are straightforward for FTP: "Documents/Scans"—or whatever your path is, relative to your user directory—without the leading slash.
But SMB on Lion is more difficult. The short story (you can read some additional info here) is that Lion implements version 2 of SMB and drops support of version 1; many scan to folder implementations only support version 1. However, there's a solution: download and install SMBUp (donation requested).
There were several things I needed to change to get SMBUp working just right. First, I made sure that the server name in SMBUp (the Host Name for my copier's settings) matched my NetBIOS name -- I just removed the "_SMB" from the end of the default SMBUp server name. Next, I changed the default SMB port in my copier's Kyocera Command Center to 445 (I could also have changed the server's port to 139 in SMBUp).
Then I created a share in SMBUp by dragging in the folder I wanted to scan to. SMBUp created a share name ("SCANS") based on the folder's name ("Documents/Scans") and that's the name I used for the Path in the copier.
(SMB on a Leopard installation, using Mac OS X's standard implementation, was frustrating; I only managed to get a path to my user directory to work ("/Scans" or "Scans") and couldn't get anything else to work regardless of what combination of slashes or back slashes I used. But where a local hostname of "don" doesn't work as a Host Name on Lion, it does work on Leopard, although not "computer.local." Neither implementation of SMB will accept a computer name.)
For that share, I also enabled guest access, so I could scan to it without providing a login user and password. My version of Kyocera Command Center doesn't allow me to save those credentials with contacts and I didn't want to enter them every time.
(You can, of course, authorize specific users to access your shared folders. You'll do that in SMBUp as well. Both short names like "don" and long names like "Don Morris" seem to work for logins.)
Next I set the permissions to "Write only" for my scans folder. Since I'd allowed guest access, I wanted to make sure no one could view anything I'd scan if they were somehow able to gain remote access to my computer. Finally, I made the folder a shared folder.
Once I was done, scanning to a network folder from my copier was a snap!