Take Action!

One of the great things about running help desk software is getting support tickets that serve as fodder for my blog posts. Tickets like this one are not common, but probably represent a number of buyers of Internet marketing products who haven't yet taken the steps necessary for success:

After reading your "$7" I have found nothing that I already didn't know, except for the fact that if people are as dumb and hungry as I, they will send me $7 to receive a copy of this "$7" and be just as pissed as me. And what about my free software? That has yet to be produced.

What is not happening here?

What is not happening here is that you didn't read the report. Or the download page, which gave you instructions for receiving your software. Had you actually read the report, you would have found the link that allowed you to download the software.

As for what else is not happening, well, I might be reaching... but my guess is that even though you "already...know" this stuff, you haven't put it into action:

  • Have you developed your own product?
    ($7 Secrets is not about you sending people to my web site so you can earn money.)
  • How many sales of your own product did you make last month?
  • How many subscribers did you add to your list last month?
  • How many affiliates do you have referring customers to your web site?
  • Do you even have a web site? A list?

I'm pretty confident that your answers are "No," "none," "zero," "zilch," "uhn-uh," and "nope!" So, you see, the issue isn't how much you know (or think you know), but what you're doing with what you know.

A customer of mine confessed to me just yesterday:

I honestly don't want to sound stupid, but the more questions you ask me about things, the more I realize [that] for over a year on the internet I have become a professional seeker and nothing else. I have spent a pile of money and depleted my resources and [have] done nothing."

This customer is actually stepping out and putting action to the information he's been accumulating for the last year. He's going to make some mistakes, but I trust that's not going to deter him. No, he's going to be successful, as long as he's consistent and persistent in taking action.

I don't doubt that you're hungry, but I don't think you're dumb. Rather, you might be insane. Remember the oft-quoted definition of insanity? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

$7 Secrets is—by your own admission—not the first time you've seen this information. It's also not going to be the last. A number of Internet marketers use and espouse these and similar methods. But, to loosely paraphrase another quote, "Those who don't take action on what they 'know' are doomed to repeat their mistakes."

How about you? Are you a professional seeker? Or have you, will you...

Take action?